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Our FamilyPictures of Tim, Cathy, William, Andrew, and our Golden Retriever Bailey!
Our KidsWilliam and Andrew, our two great sons. Each boy has his own set of albums, and we'll place "combined" subjects here at this level.
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WilliamOur wonderful oldest son, whom we love to photograph!
22 422
AndrewOur wonderful youngest son, whom we love to photograph!
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Tim & CathyPhotos of Tim & Cathy. We don't have too many recent ones in this section, but you'll find some in the Vacations category.
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Extended FamilyOur extended families have played an important role in our lives.
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Our HomeSome pictures of our home, and the myriad of projects we've taken on since moving in.
PicturesAlbums with some pictures of our home
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ProjectsSome of the projects we've worked on with our home
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Our VacationsPlease enjoy some pictures from some trips we've taken over the past few years.
Day Trips and Misc.Day trips, weekend trips, and things that are a little too short to really be considered "a vacation".
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Pennsylvania 2009Our 2009 trek all around the state of Pennsylvania!
8 172
South Dakota 2008The Fischers return to South Dakota and the Black Hills, this time with two kids and Grandma in tow.
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Carribbean Cruise 2007In March 2007, we sail on the Carnival Victory to Mexico, Grand Caymen, and Jamica -- with Grandma as company!
8 111
Chicago 2006Our August 2006 vacation to Chicago, accompanied by Tim's mom.
6 72
Tennessee 2005Our July 2005 vacation to Tennessee and the Great Smokey Mountains.
5 44
Washington DC 2004In July 2004, we vacationed in our nation's capital for a little over a week. (Cathy was seven months pregnant with William during this trip, so is showing in the pictures of her!)
4 55
Moline / St. Louis / Louisville / Indianapolis 2003In September, 2003, Cathy and I took a trip to St. Louis and a few other cities.
6 63
Colorado 2000In September, 2000, we took a trip to Colorado.
4 60
Black Hills 2002In September 2002, we took a much-needed vacation to South Dakota, accompanied by Bailey, our Golden Retriever.
10 90
Misc Photos
MiscellaneousA potpourri of pictures that don't quite fit in any other category.
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TributesTributes to our beloved pets who have passed on.
BaileyBailey was our beautiful Golden Retriever. He was a wonderful (and big!) dog and we loved him very much. He passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on August 12, 2009.
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Moo CowMooCow was our Holstein-colored kitty. She came to live with Tim when he was in grad school, and has been part of our home for a long time. She unfortunately passed away on Tuesday March 28, 2006. She is missed.
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Random files
Studying Big BrotherAndrew really likes to watch his big brother and learn from him. We may be in trouble!
William at DinnerThe food on the ship was quite good, and William liked to try different things.
First Model 730 ShippedThis is the first 730 to ever leave the factory. For more information about it, please see the next picture.
Penguin and Puffin CoastMore penguins. It was COLD in there-- the brochure said they keep it 40 degrees, which is quite a shock when it's 80 degrees or so outside. and you're wearing shorts and T-shirts! Note that this picture almost looks like a painting, but it is indeed real.