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Geese in our Pond - 2008


A family or two of geese stops by to say hello.

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Some outdated pictures of our house -- to be updated soon, hopefully.

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Yard and Gardens


One of the main reasons we liked this home was that we fell in love with the lot it was on It's situated on 8/10 acre, and includes a natural pond. It also includes a large raised garden in back.

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Some pictures of the upstairs level of our home.

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Some pictures of the downstairs level of our home.

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Random files - Pictures
Living Room at ChristmasHere is a similar picture of the living room. You can see our wood floors here. The Christmas tree was a gift from our realtor for doing business with them. The almond-colored railing in the foreground, and in the picture above, has been replaced with an oak railing.
Living Room at ChristmasHere is a view of our living room taken Christmas 2002. We really enjoy the fact that our home features two brick fireplaces (our previous home didn't have any). The large windows overlook the back yard and pond. We purchased new furniture for this room and completely painted and redecorated it.
Front ViewHere is the front of our home as it looked when we bought it. We've made quite a few changes: replacing the front entry and storm doors (the old one was Barbie Pink -- no kidding! If you click on the image to view the large one and zoom in, you can kind of tell), trimming back the overgrown foliage, removing the awnings, and adding green decorative shutters on all four windows. We also replaced the driveway, and widened it to the width of the rock in the picture above.
Previous Owner's Family RoomHere is a picture of the room as the previous owner had it set up. We liked the sectional idea which is why we purchased our own.