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Cargo NetAt the end of the swing beam is a cantilevered section that we were originally going to leave out because we didn't think we had the space. We ended up having space and left it in. Due to the proximity of the tree, we couldn't put in a disc or tire swing like the plans called for. At first we were going to just leave it 'blank' and reserve it for a future 2-person glider swing once more kids come along. But instead, we decided to make our own "cargo net" climber and attach it there in the meantime.

Aug 2011 update: This "temporary" cargo net became somewhat permanent. I had intended this to last 2 or 3 years and then put in the double-glider as mentioned above. But the kids really like this cargo net. Today it officially wore out, and rather than putting in a glider, I actually rebuilt it with new rope. It's hard to say if we'll ever get the glider at this point :)
Upper and Lower RailsThis picture shows the upper and lower rails in place. Cathy is countersinking some nails which hold the lower rail in place (the nails were toenailed with a pneumatic finish nailer).
Ledger BoardThe leger board remained to keep the house weatherproof for now.
Window!William was worried when we covered up his window with sheathing, but was happy again once we cut it back out.