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View from "the penthouse"Here's the bird's eye view from the top deck. To the left of the camera is the entrance for the turbo slide, and behind the camera is the rock wall.
Window TrimmedTim shows off the completed window trim. We had to replace a window in our old home as part of the sale conditions. We salvaged part of it, and this will become our shed's window. The door will receive similar treatment, but we're holding off to finish it until we receive the door and can verify proper dimensions. After this picture was taken, we did a lot more work without pictures. The roof was finished and shingled, the window Tim is standing in received its glass, and the soffits were completed.
Completed DeckCompleted deck, post-past-inspection!
Side ViewHere is a view from the side of our home. The pond is shown here, and is actually "L" shaped, framing one corner and most of one edge of our yard. The pond has been a wonderful natural element-- ducks, geese, a large turtle, and many other animals have been frequent visitors, and have been fascinating to watch.