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Siding StartedThe next two days (Sunday and Monday) we were able to get some of the siding hung. The siding we're using is some nice quality 4x8 plywood siding which looks like 8" boards hung vertically. One nice thing about this type of siding is that it serves as both the sheathing and the siding, so it means less work. This picture shows the back of the shed fully sided, and the two sides partially sided.
Close-up of door track
Ramp StringersThe next step was to install the stringers. We used four, ripping them at the appropriate angle, and hooking them onto a 2x6 ledger board lag-screwed into the shed. The ends of the stringers are secured into the patio blocks with Tapcon screws. By the way, notice the window trim is white -- we have partially completed priming the trim, but have a ways to go. Eventually this trim will be dark brown.
Lumber StashAnother photo of the "lumber stash". You can see the large pile of studs, pile of roof trusses and header boards, and the big pile of roof sheathing and siding.