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Window!William was worried when we covered up his window with sheathing, but was happy again once we cut it back out.
First post goes upOur first task was to remove the small straight railing separating the stairway from the upper level. We then installed the newel post and half-newel which supports the new oak railing. To the left, you can see the newel post in place-- the yellow device is a post level.
Completed rails before finishingAnother view of the completed railing. If you look carefully to the left of this picture, you will see the almond wrought-iron railing leading downstairs. This railing was also replaced, but not at the time this picture was taken.
Lumber StashAnother photo of the "lumber stash". You can see the large pile of studs, pile of roof trusses and header boards, and the big pile of roof sheathing and siding.