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BallustersTim adds the ballusters on the stairs
The "before" pic.At first we weren't sure where we'd put the 'garage' in our yard. Then Cathy spotted this particular spot -- nothing but overgrown vines and shrubs, next to an old bench that we moved there when we built the kid's play center. Doesn't look like much but it was a surprising amount of room...
Side ViewHere is a view from the side of our home. The pond is shown here, and is actually "L" shaped, framing one corner and most of one edge of our yard. The pond has been a wonderful natural element-- ducks, geese, a large turtle, and many other animals have been frequent visitors, and have been fascinating to watch.
Posts go upOnce the footings were in place, we could finally start building up. Here, all seven posts are in place and temporarilly supported.