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New Patio Door (2009)


Installing a new patio door.

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Kid's Garage and Workshop (2008)


A small project to make a place to park the kid's Power Wheel's jeep outside becomes a larger one to create a true kid's "garage and workshop"!

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William's Playground (2006)


In early August 2006, we built a playground for William. As usual, we took some pictures along the way.

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Building Our Deck (2005)


In 2005 we demolished our old deck and replaced it with a new, larger one. Follow along with our "deck blog" written at the time and see how it was done!

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New Railings (2004)


In February-March 2004 we replacing our wrought-iron stair railings, which were pretty dated looking, with new oak railings.

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Building Our Shed (2003)


In July-August 2003, we added a storage shed to our back yard in order to free up some space in the garage and park the John Deere lawn tractor in.

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Random files - Projects
Starting the upper deckWork proceeds to the upper deck. The timbers which support it are in place, and it's just about ready for the decking.
View from "the penthouse"Here's the bird's eye view from the top deck. To the left of the camera is the entrance for the turbo slide, and behind the camera is the rock wall.
FramingCathy and I started framing on Friday, and on Saturday we were joined by friend Mike Becker who helped us frame the remaining walls, set them up, and set the roof trusses. This picture was taken relatively early on Saturday, after we raised the side and back walls and braced them into position. A pneumatic framing nailer was loaned to us by friends Aaron and Dawn Lundeen, and made the job infinitely easier and faster.
Ramp StringersThe next step was to install the stringers. We used four, ripping them at the appropriate angle, and hooking them onto a 2x6 ledger board lag-screwed into the shed. The ends of the stringers are secured into the patio blocks with Tapcon screws. By the way, notice the window trim is white -- we have partially completed priming the trim, but have a ways to go. Eventually this trim will be dark brown.