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MiscellaneousA potpourri of pictures that don't quite fit in any other category.
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Toilet stallThe infamous toilet stall in the guy's locker room. Ask any guy who was in sports or PE at M-T in the mid 80's and they could tell you the same story about a certain teacher who preferred this toilet...
The GymThe gym was still in great shape, considering it was about 50 years old. It would have been great if it could hvae been saved and used as a community gym, but that wasn't possible.
DebrisCrumbled bridge decking, construction barrels, and a sign that lets us know that this used to be "I-35W South Milepost 18.6"
Snoopy's DishWe took this picture thinking it would be the last time we'd see Snoopy's dog dish. Oddly, last time we were there, the dish (and bone benches) remained, although Snoopy's name was removed. Very odd.