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The Old DeckThe last picture we took of the old deck before it was demolished. The rose bushes, which had just flowered, were cut back and later moved to the side of the house, where they are doing well.
Removing the RailingsThe rose bushes have been removed, and the railings are next.
Railings GoneThe railings have been removed.
Almost downAll but one joist and the main beam/posts remain, as well as the ledger board.
Ledger BoardThe leger board remained to keep the house weatherproof for now.
RobinsUnfortunately a robins nest was under the deck. We moved it into this nearby bush.
RobinsThe mother robin was not real happy with our work.
RobinsBaby Robins
Rotten rim joistUpon removing the old ledger board, we found a terrible site -- water had seeped down beneath our patio door, for who knows how many years, and completely rotted out a large chunk of the rim joist supporting the back of the house, as well as the deck.
Rot problemAfter removing a lot of siding and sheathing, we found the rot extended all the way to the foundation, directly under the left side of the patio door.
Rot repairAfter some research we supported the joist, rebuilt the wall below, and patched in a new section of joist.
Ledger BoardThe new ledger board was then placed, so it could be used as a reference for the new footings.
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