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Side ViewHere is a view from the side of our home. The pond is shown here, and is actually "L" shaped, framing one corner and most of one edge of our yard. The pond has been a wonderful natural element-- ducks, geese, a large turtle, and many other animals have been frequent visitors, and have been fascinating to watch.
Back ViewThe back of the house, as it appeared in 2002. On the left is a portion of the large main garden (left unplanted that year). We've since filled it with vegetables and flowers. Under the canopy to the left is our hot tub, which came with the house. Soaking in the spa after a hard day's work is great! The box in the foreground is a compost bin which we repaired after this picture was taken. Finally, in 2005, we replaced the deck with a new larger one with yard access.
Front ViewHere is the front of our home as it looked when we bought it. We've made quite a few changes: replacing the front entry and storm doors (the old one was Barbie Pink -- no kidding! If you click on the image to view the large one and zoom in, you can kind of tell), trimming back the overgrown foliage, removing the awnings, and adding green decorative shutters on all four windows. We also replaced the driveway, and widened it to the width of the rock in the picture above.
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