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Oak Railings1526 viewsHere is a view of our new oak railing that we finished installing in March 2004. We have many more pictures of this project in the 'projects' section of this website.
Living Room at Christmas811 viewsHere is a view of our living room taken Christmas 2002. We really enjoy the fact that our home features two brick fireplaces (our previous home didn't have any). The large windows overlook the back yard and pond. We purchased new furniture for this room and completely painted and redecorated it.
Side View550 viewsHere is a view from the side of our home. The pond is shown here, and is actually "L" shaped, framing one corner and most of one edge of our yard. The pond has been a wonderful natural element-- ducks, geese, a large turtle, and many other animals have been frequent visitors, and have been fascinating to watch.
Pond535 viewsAnother lovely view of the pond.
Green Pond531 viewsHere's a picture from fall 2002. As was said above, the pond had "greened over" with duckweed. Ducks kept residence until it iced over for the winter, though. You can see them to the left if you click the photo
Kitchen527 viewsWe did some major redecorating in the kitchen, using green/gray faux-finish look, and changing the cabinets to white. We also added some new lighting, as the previous didn't light the room well. The kitchen has enough room for a small tableas well. After this picture was taken, we replaced the range hood with an over-the-range microwave, and added new blinds on the window.
Upstairs Bath489 viewsHere's a view of our upstairs bathroom, which we totally redecorated. As with most of the house, this room was previously entirely almond -- walls, trim, vanity... It didn't look bad but we wanted something a bit more colorful. We went with a olive/navy color scheme, redid all the trim in white (which we also did throughout the house), upgraded the light bulbs, and added a couple new brass towel bars. Eventually, we plan on redoing the tub/shower area (not shown) and perhaps a more major remodel later.
Previous Owner's Family Room440 viewsHere is a picture of the room as the previous owner had it set up. We liked the sectional idea which is why we purchased our own.
Family Room425 viewsAnother view of our family room. The wet bar is in the back corner. The cedar walls also extend to the lower hallway and bathroom, giving this area a distinct and casual feel as compared to the upstairs.
410 viewsAnother view of the pond, with the fountain and part of our back yard.
Back Yard386 viewsA view of part of our back yard, with Cathy and Bailey still playing. By late fall when this picture was taken, our pond (in the background) had obtained a bright green coating. Starting in 2003 we retained a pond service to help with this condition and keep the pond in better shape.
Living Room at Christmas371 viewsHere is a similar picture of the living room. You can see our wood floors here. The Christmas tree was a gift from our realtor for doing business with them. The almond-colored railing in the foreground, and in the picture above, has been replaced with an oak railing.
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