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Power Line WorkAdjacent to Parkers Lake, many trees were down, as well as a whole line of power poles. County Rd. 6 was shut down and Xcel Energy had many trucks and linemen working on the problem.
Power Line WorkAnother view of the many trucks working on the power problem.
Broken PoleThis pole was one of the luckier ones -- only the top portion broke off. I overheard a lineman say that the pole itself didn't need replacing.
Raising a downed poleHere a truck was lifting one of the poles which had snapped off.
Downed TreeThis is a small tree, but one of the dozens that broke off or were uprooted (including many much bigger than this). In the background, you can see one of the sets of bleachers that were picked up and moved by the storm. This ballpark also had some major fence damage.
Snapped Power PoleA new replacement pole sits on the ground next to a snapped off one.
Replacement power poles
Raising another power poleEvidently the were rasing up the old poles, holding them in place, and transferring the lines to the new poles (which hadn't been installed yet). Locator crews were scrambling to mark underground utilities so the new poles could be installed.
Tipped trailerThis trailer was overturned by the. Many of the trees in this area were damaged as well.
Fernbrook Business Center signThis sign was damaged pretty badly (the other side was completely missing).
FlagpoleBent flagpole at the Fernbrook Business Center
Downed TreeAnother downed tree. They were everywhere in the storm area.
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