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William with SnoopyWilliam, Tim, and Snoopy pose after the final Peanuts show at Camp Snoopy
William with MooCowWilliam gently pets a very sick MooCow. This picture was taken on March 28, in the morning. She died that evening.
William and Moo CowWilliam and Moo curl up together in Mom's lap.
Got Toys?William plays in his room. Tim built the toy chest on the right, as well as a matching changing table not visible in the picture.
William and MooMooCow never liked kids most of her life, but tolerated William amazingly well. Even when he got pretty rough, she wouldn't complain unless it got to the point of tail-tugging or the like. But here, he's being quite gentle. Maybe he knew she wasn't in great shape.
Having FunNever a shortage of toys in William's world...
Giddeup Horsey, er Doggey!Did we mention Bailey is incredibly tolerant? Sometimes William will climb up on him and ride him like a horse. This is true even if Bailey is trying to veg out on the bed...
William and MooWhen Moo was up on the bed, William often liked to come visit.
Always a cutieIn the back of this picture, you can see the "bird cam" we had rigged up underneath our deck, which we monitored the progress of two bird's nest in early summer 2006.
Cathy & William with Peanuts GangCathy and William pose with the Peanuts Gang after their final show at Camp Snoopy
Easter PhotoDad and Son try to pose for a formal Easter picture. William pretty much just wanted his afternoon nap by this point -- after spending three services in the nursery.
William and MooWilliam was generally very gentle with Moo, and she was surprisingly tolerant, for a cat who traditionally wasn't too fond of children.
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