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On StageTim, with cousins Loren and Tony Heitland (who also attended M-T), as well as William, stand on the stage at the former M-T high school.
Fighting LancersThis Fighting Lancers banner has hung in the gym for decades. The Lancers mascot stopped being used for high school sports in 1988, and was retired completely in 2007.
The GymThe gym was still in great shape, considering it was about 50 years old. It would have been great if it could hvae been saved and used as a community gym, but that wasn't possible.
Andrew and Cathy in a classroomOne of the classrooms near the gym.
Mom's old classroomThis particular classroom was where Tim's mom taught 3rd grade for about 12 years, after the Meservey building closed and everyone moved to Thornton.
Mrs. Fischer's roomWilliam stands by the blackboard where Cathy wrote "Mrs. Fischer's Room"
Home Ec. RoomThe old home-ec. room, which has changed very little over the years since I've been in school. It even still smells the same...
Lower-level classroomTim's 7th grade year, this room was a dedicated study hall. Then when the elementary came over, they actually divided it in two (you can see the lighter tile strip where the wall used to be) to become two very small classrooms.
Art RoomWhen the elementary moved over in 1983, the art room was moved to this small room next to the boiler room. Historically, this room was the "coal room" for the boiler room, and was later used as a student lounge. Evidently on the last day of school, they let students take some of the decorated ceiling tile panels, hence the missing ones.
AndrewAndrew hangs out in the Art Room.
Guys locker roomJust proof that there is such a thing as "smell memory", we all walked into the guys locker room and immedately gasped "oh man, it's that smell..." Decades of musty, sweaty odor <g>. At some point they put in newer lockers, but otherwise the room was pretty much identical to when Tim ran track and had PE in the 80's.
Toilet stallThe infamous toilet stall in the guy's locker room. Ask any guy who was in sports or PE at M-T in the mid 80's and they could tell you the same story about a certain teacher who preferred this toilet...
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