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Red Bull IllumeThe point of this exhibit was that large displays of "extreme" sporting event photography were displayed, illuminated by backlighting, in large cubes down the Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis.
Red Bull IllumeTim took the opportunity to shoot the downtown skyline as well. Considering we didn't bring a tripod and he was bracing the camera up against the bridge railng during the long exposures, we thought these turned out pretty well.
Red Bull IllumeAnother cool picture of the Illume cubes and downtown lights.
Beautiful nightIt couldn't have been a more beautiful night -- perfectly pleasant weather and wonderful surroundings.
Red Bull Illume
Cathy and WilliamHere I was playing with the camera. This was taken as just a normal flash photograph. Notice the subjects work well but you can't see much of anything in the background. Compare this to the next photo...
Cathy and William with City LightsThis one was taken with both a flash (to capture the foreground) and a 2-second time exposure (to capture the city lights in the background). Again, I had no tripod and was holding the camera myself, so it isn't perfect, but it's much nicer than the previous one.
AndrewThis one was taken similarly -- flash with time exposure. It didn't turn out nearly as well as noted by the blurring of the background.
Night on the BridgeThis one's not too bad, although the foreground subjects are slightly blurred (you try keeping a 1 and 3yo still for 2 seconds <g> )
Night on the Bridge 2Another attempt at a flash-with-time-delay. William really moved badly this time.
Cathy and AndrewTis one's just a simple flash photo of Cathy and Andrew.
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