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"Before" picture: Vanity and CountertopHere's a view of the original bathroom's sink/counter area. The old tile was pink. Above the mirror was a very dated flourescent light fixture that wasn't connected to the wall switch -- you had to turn it on via a switch on the side of the light (the wall switch controlled an overhead light).
"Before" picture: Vanity and CountertopThe old countertop was a 1960's faux-marble formica. The mirror was in great condition and we salvaged it.
"Before" picture: Tub areaHere's the original tub area. No shower, and lots more pink!
"Before" picture: ToiletThe old, water-guzzling toilet.
"Before" picture: Tub areaAnother shot of the tub area. The old bathroom was in good condition, just quite dated, and no shower facilities.
"Before" picture: Mirror and lightHere's another picture of the old flourescent light fixture. The three wall switches control an overhead light, vent fan, and heater, but not the flourescent light.
In-progress: The tub areaAt this stage of the picture we had torn out the walls from the tub area, plumbed in a new shower valve, and lined the walls with Hardibacker underlayment.
During: New tub surroundHere's the rear of the tub area. As you can see, we removed the old tile from the entire bathroom, and were able to avoid putting in new sheetrock outside of the tile area (once we cleaned up a bit better after this picture).
During: Tub areaYet another picture of the tub surround underlayment.
During: Tub areaOne final picture at this stage: you can catch a glimpse of the old carpet here (man that stuff was nasty/toxic to remove)
During: Sink/counter areaAt this stage we've removed all the tile from the room (except for behind the toilet, which we tried to keep in service as long as possible), tore out the old countertop, installed the new sink/countertop, and tiled the entire tub area and back wall. The mirror was removed to protect it during tile removal.
During: Tub areaAnd still another picture. The hole above the gray underlayment is where the shower head will attach.
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