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Onlookers on Stone Arch BridgeThe mood was somber, and several flags were put up as a memorial.
Collapse from Stone Arch BridgeAgain, best seen if enlarged. At the time these pictures were taken, there were still a number of bodies unrecovered and the recovery effort was in full swing.
Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeThis was one of our first glimpses as we started walking along the 10th Avenue Bridge the day after it re-opened. The 10th Avenue Bridge was just a block or two from the 35W bridge, so the details of the collapse were much more clear.
Collapse from Stone Arch BridgeIf you enlarge the picture, you can see some of the green structural members jutting upward, as well as some of the concrete decking in the river underneath and the lock/dam structure. In the background is the 10th Avenue Bridge, where most of the later pictures in this album were taken (it was closed at the time we took the ones on the Stone Arch Bridge).
Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeBuckled sections of roadway and collapsed truss section.
Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeA zoomed-in version of the previous picture.
Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeAs noted in the introduction, much of the concrete decking had been stripped from the bridge members by this point, a month after the collapse.
Collapsed sectionThis section, which landed in the water at an angle, still has its concrete decking, as well as some construction cones (the bridge was being worked on during the collapse). Taken from the 10th Avenue Bridge
Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeAnother angle.
Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeAnother picture from the same vantage point as the previous.
West River ParkwayThis is normally a scenic river parkway with adjacent bike and walking paths.
Lower Lock and Dam EntranceThe entrance to the lower lock and dam is blocked. In the upper left of this picture, as well as the previous picture, you can see the wooden stairway that was added to give access to the lock until the debris can be removed.
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