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Double Rainbow55555
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MissyMissy resided with Tim's family in Iowa, and in this shot, is looking in at the family Christmas tree. Missy passed away peacefully on May 4, 1995, after many wonderful years with the family. She is missed.44444
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Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeAs noted in the introduction, much of the concrete decking had been stripped from the bridge members by this point, a month after the collapse.33333
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Tim's FishA picture of Tim's aquarium taken circa 1995. This isn't a great picture, 'cause the darned fish wouldn't stay still long enough to prevent them from being blurred, but you'll get the idea.. We still keep the aquarium, and maybe sometime we'll get more current pictures of it here.33333
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Collapsed sectionTaken from the 10th Avenue Bridge.33333
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Bohemian FlatsThis is the area known as "Bohemian Flats", south of the collapsed bridge, where they are laying out removed bridge components for further study. This was taken from Bridge #9. In the background is the U of MN campus, and the Washington Avenue bridge.22222
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Collapse from 10th Avenue BridgeBuckled sections of roadway and collapsed truss section.11111
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William loves waterWilliam plays in water any chance he can get.11111
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Guys locker roomJust proof that there is such a thing as "smell memory", we all walked into the guys locker room and immedately gasped "oh man, it's that smell..." Decades of musty, sweaty odor <g>. At some point they put in newer lockers, but otherwise the room was pretty much identical to when Tim ran track and had PE in the 80's.00000
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Home Ec. RoomThe old home-ec. room, which has changed very little over the years since I've been in school. It even still smells the same...00000
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On StageTim, with cousins Loren and Tony Heitland (who also attended M-T), as well as William, stand on the stage at the former M-T high school.00000
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Old EntranceThey just don't build buildings like this anymore. It looks old now, but I bet it looked very cool when it was brand new.00000
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