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Another slideBlue, of course.44444
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Hang on!Lovin' that playground...44444
(1 votes)
BalanceWilliam recently mastered these things -- which are sort of wobbly steps-with-poles that you balance and walk between.44444
(1 votes)
Getting DarkIt's getting dark at Music in Plymouth, which must mean the fireworks are getting close!44444
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Sippin' on Freezie-popsWilliam loved the free Freezie-pop-things given out at the parade.44444
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Kettle CornJust like Mom and Dad, William LOVES that kettle corn stuff. We purchased the requisite 4-foot-long bag of the stuff...33333
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William and MooMooCow never liked kids most of her life, but tolerated William amazingly well. Even when he got pretty rough, she wouldn't complain unless it got to the point of tail-tugging or the like. But here, he's being quite gentle. Maybe he knew she wasn't in great shape.33333
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Tractor Cake!Yet another Tractor Cake! The boys love the tractor cake, and William asked for it for weeks ahead of time...33333
(2 votes)
Another swing smileWilliam decides he's not too old for the "baby swing" after all, and has a blast.33333
(2 votes)
Smile!Gotta love that swing!33333
(2 votes)
Andrew's First Playground ExperienceOnly about ten days old, Andrew finds the best thing to do at the playground is sleep a bit.33333
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Fly the Flag!William carries a flag (and wears one too) in the Meservey, IA Kiddie Parade. 22222
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