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General Lee1918 viewsFast forward to the very end of our trip -- we made one final attraction stop, and boy were we glad we did. the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo is really cool, in a "collection-gone-mad" kitchy sort of cool. Here's one of the original General Lee cars from the Dukes of Hazard. They say most of the others were wrecked during production...
Minuteman Missile1417 viewsI didn't take a lot of pictures here, unfortunately. I'm not sure why, it was really interesting. This picture shows grandma walking into the underground control bunker. That huge door with the "domino's" logo on it was the blast door to protect them in case "the button" was pressed from the other side.
Hall of Records690 viewsModel of the Hall of Records, which was largely unbuilt.
The Rarest Snake in the World (evidently)597 views
Mount Rushmore at Night376 views
Minuteman Missile281 viewsAbout 10 or so miles from the control center in the previous picture was one of the missile silos. The silos themselves weren't manned. The ranger giving the talk was VERY interesting -- he was actually in the air force and for many years could have set these missles off himself.
Mount Rushmore View266 views
2009 Corn Palace240 viewsWait, what year is it again? I guess the Corn Palace uses the same calendar as the auto industry...
Bear Country USA228 viewsImagine going to Bear Country, and not taking any pictures of bears. Well, seems like we did just that. Here's an Elk (I think), though...
Hey!220 views
Homestake Mine Open Cut216 viewsMuch has changed at Homestake since we were there in 2002, but the open cut is still there in all of its glory.
Who was that masked man?207 views
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