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Guys locker room6697 viewsJust proof that there is such a thing as "smell memory", we all walked into the guys locker room and immedately gasped "oh man, it's that smell..." Decades of musty, sweaty odor <g>. At some point they put in newer lockers, but otherwise the room was pretty much identical to when Tim ran track and had PE in the 80's.
Home Ec. Room3535 viewsThe old home-ec. room, which has changed very little over the years since I've been in school. It even still smells the same...
Red Bull Illume1810 viewsAnother cool picture of the Illume cubes and downtown lights.
Band Saw894 viewsTim, being a woodworker, had to snap a picture of this ld Delta band saw, which probably still works just fine.
Toilet stall890 viewsThe infamous toilet stall in the guy's locker room. Ask any guy who was in sports or PE at M-T in the mid 80's and they could tell you the same story about a certain teacher who preferred this toilet...
The Kite Eating Tree733 viewsThe tree had already been repainted to remove the Charlie Brown imagery. Now the park is left with a really weird themed swing ride. No Peanuts gang allowed in this tree.
Science Room524 viewsThis room became the science room when the Meservey building was vacated in 1983. The upper cabinets were actually salvaged from the Meservey building at that time-- somewhere Tim has pictures of his 6th grade class with them in the background at that location...
Collapsed section507 viewsTaken from the 10th Avenue Bridge.
Tim's Fish502 viewsA picture of Tim's aquarium taken circa 1995. This isn't a great picture, 'cause the darned fish wouldn't stay still long enough to prevent them from being blurred, but you'll get the idea.. We still keep the aquarium, and maybe sometime we'll get more current pictures of it here.
408 viewsCathy and William hang out next to the huge Snoopy one last time.
On Stage395 viewsTim, with cousins Loren and Tony Heitland (who also attended M-T), as well as William, stand on the stage at the former M-T high school.
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