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Photos from the collection of the Fischer Family
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Posing in DCFrom the steps of the Jefferson memorial is an excellent view of the Washington Monument and the White House. We took a moment to pose for this picture... If you click the picture it will enlarge and you'll see the White House.
Jan 15, 2006
Library of CongressHere Cathy poses in the atrium of the extremely elaborate Jefferson building at the Library of Congress. This area is literally a shrine to knowledge, with symbols of knowledge throughout.
Jan 15, 2006
U.S. CapitolThe US Capitol, like many DC landmarks at the time of our trip, was undergoing major construction. We managed to find an angle which masked out most of the cranes!
Jan 15, 2006
Chinese ArchHere's the arch that lets you know you're in DC's Chinatown. Good thing they have it -- the area is so small, you might miss it otherwise.Jan 15, 2006
Chinese SubwayWe spent part of an evening in Chinatown, and had some decent Chinese food. We did not eat at this "Chinese" Subway, however!Jan 15, 2006
Mount Vernon from the PotomacWe spent most of a day taking a relaxing cruise down the Potomac River to Mount Vernon. This picture shows the Mount Vernon mansion from the river.
Jan 15, 2006
White House from Washington MonumentLooking toward the White House from the Washington Monument. The original plan was to have the Washington Monument be right at the intersection of a line from the White House and a line from the Capitol. As you can see, though, they had to change the location slightly.Jan 15, 2006
Reflecting Pool?This view looks toward the new WW II memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. For whatever reason, the reflecting pool was drained while we were there (like everything else while we were there, it was probably under construction. We have more memorial pictures in a separate gallery.Jan 15, 2006
The National MallLike all "touristy" folks in DC we went up the Washington Monument. For whatever reason, they had half of the windows blocked off, and all the windows are very small (about 1' x 2'). But we took some pictures. Here's the National Mall.
Jan 15, 2006
DC from ArlingtonFrom Arlington Cemetery, you can get a great view of DC proper, although the day we were there was quite hazy.Jan 15, 2006
Columbia MemorialUnfortunately with another recent accident comes another Space Shuttle memorial. This one is for the Columbia accident on February 1, 2003. Columbia was the first shuttle to leave the earth's atmosphere in 1981 -- Tim remembers watching it land for the first time live on TV in elementary school...Jan 15, 2006
Challenger MemorialThere was a memorial for the crew of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster that happened on January 28, 1986. Most of us still remember what we were doing at the time we first heard that news...Jan 15, 2006
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