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William with MooCowWilliam gently pets a very sick MooCow. This picture was taken on March 28, in the morning. She died that evening.
William and Moo CowWilliam and Moo curl up together in Mom's lap.
William and MooMooCow never liked kids most of her life, but tolerated William amazingly well. Even when he got pretty rough, she wouldn't complain unless it got to the point of tail-tugging or the like. But here, he's being quite gentle. Maybe he knew she wasn't in great shape.
On the bedMoo liked to hang out on our bed. Bailey and her would often alternate, whoever had "dibs" winning out, and the other jumping up as soon as the first left.
William and MooWhen Moo was up on the bed, William often liked to come visit.
William and MooWilliam was generally very gentle with Moo, and she was surprisingly tolerant, for a cat who traditionally wasn't too fond of children.
Just Hanging Out...on the bed
KittyMoo definitely started looking much older her last year or two.
Another shot on the bed
Annd still another shotLounging on the bed
Sign of the end times??MooCow and Bailey were NOT friends for the first 3 or so years that Bailey came to join our happy home. In the early days, they couldn't even stand to be in the same room: Moo would hiss and, if she could, swat him in the face, which in turn made Bailey avoid her. But as time went on, they grew to tolerate, almost enjoy each other. This picture wasn't posed -- they both decided to share the loveseat together on their own.
After treatmentIn what was to be her final month, Moo had to undergo a regimen of scary treatments -- several pills a day, and worse, subcataneous fluids, which was essentially an IV poked into her back and a bubble a fluids placed under her skin. As usual, she took it like a trooper. This picture shows her up on the kitchen table immediately following such a treatment.
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