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Bailey Looking CuteA really nice (and cute) picture of Bailey taken by Amy Witty.
Amy W. and BaileyThis was a notable camping trip for us as this was our first time camping with Bailey, our Golden Retriever. He did wonderful, even though he's used to being an indoor dog. He really got a lot of attention from everyone in the group, and behaved very well for a not-quite-6-month-old pup.
Amy W. and BaileyAlthough pretty hyper at times, Bailey was generally really well behaved.
Bailey SwimmingBailey got his first swimming experience at the camp. He has been a water-loving dog from the beginning (he crawled in his water dish when we first met him at his breeder), and was able to swim out to fetch some sticks with no problem.
Big PuppyBailey was over 50 pounds, but we still loved to hold him. Here he gets a hug from Cathy.
Bailey Making FriendsBailey never met a person he didn't love. Even though most faces at the camp were new to him, he became "best friends" with them right away. Here he lays at the feet of Karen and Tim Dallmann.
Guard DogBailey "stands guard" while the rest of us went over to the other campsite for a short time. He was patient at first, but eventually let us know he'd rather be part of the fun!
Cathy, Paul W, and BaileyBailey watches Cathy walk by as Paul Witty looks on. The blue object near Cathy's foot is Oakley the Octopus, one of Bailey's favorite toys at the time (we had to retire him as Bailey eventually wanted to just tear him up). You can see lots of other pictures with Oakley in Bailey's puppy gallery.
Josť & BaileyJosť Huerta clowns around on the Hammock, with Bailey showing interest.
Josť & BaileyHanging out in the hammock.
Josť & BaileyJosť Huerta clowns around on the Hammock, and eventually Bailey makes it up there with him.
Three's Company or Three's a Crowd?Josť and Megan share their hammock with Bailey.
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