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Indy 500 SpeedwayDriving around the Indy 500 Speedway. Unfortunately, in a bus, at about 45mph...
The "Pagoda"The bus tour took us around the racetrack itself, which was cool. The racetrack is called "The Brickyard" but I never knew why. Turns out the whole thing used to be paved with bricks. Most of them are still under the current asphalt surface. The picture to the left shows a new "pagoda" which was built for scorekeeping and the press. Evidently in years past (the track is almost 100 years old) there was an actual Japanese pagoda in the same location.
Turn OneThis is "turn one" of the Indy 500 racetrack. If you follow the track back you'll see the scoring pylon.
Indy 500 MuseumInside the museum itself was car after car of winners of many of the 500 races. I'm not sure how they have collected all these -- some were replicas but most were the actual vehicles. In this picture, Tim sits in a replica which you were actually allowed to enter.
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