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Original Apple ComputerAlso from this exhibit is this original "Apple I" computer, complete with homemade wooden case.
Waterloo BoyHere Cathy poses with a John Deere Waterloo Boy in the Museum of American History. If you've browsed elsewhere in this site, you know we're John Deere fans. You can also find other Deere pictures from previous vacations to Moline and Charles City.
ENIACTim poses with a small piece of the ENIAC, which was the first digital computing machine, developed in 1946.
Wright Brother's PlaneThe Wright Brother's first plane is now on display on ground level in the National Air and Space Museum. Until recently it was displayed hanging from the ceiling.
Tim & Gershwin's PianoIn the Library of Congress, there is a George and Ira Gershwin exhibit featuring the Gershwin's own piano.
Udvar-Hazy Center: National Air and Space MuseumOne of the hilights of our trip was visiting the National Air and Space Museum's new Udvar-Hazy center. This museum just opened in December 2003, and is located near Dulles Airport. We weren't sure we'd have time to get there, but we were sure glad we did.
Concorde and FedEx PlaneOn display at the Udvar-Hazy center are many planes that are much too big to be displayed at the original Air and Space Museum on the National Mall, including this Air France Concorde. Also seen here is the first plane owned by Federal Express for delivering overnight packages.
CDC 3800The Control Data Corp. 3800 was a 1960's-era computer which Cathy's dad was on the development team for. We were looking for this computer in the American History museum with the computers earlier in this page, but were surprised to find it at the Udvar-Hazy center. It was used for satellite tracking by the Air Force.
Udvar-Hazy Center: National Air and Space MuseumIt's hard to get a feel for just how big this museum is via pictures, but this one gives you an idea. This picture was taken from the center of the museum looking toward the commercial section. The hangar extended the same distance the other direction (behind the camera), and there is a third wing/hangar to the right of the camera housing the Space Hangar.
CDC 3800 dataClick on the image to read about the CDC 3800. Note that it featured 128K of ram, and cost $1.9 million!
Space Shuttle EnterpriseThe Space Hangar wasn't yet open to the public when we were there, but we could still see its star attraction -- the Space Shuttle Enterprise. This shuttle never flew into space, but was used for in-atmosphere testing and proof of concept. It is currently being restored, after which time the Space Hangar will open, along with many other Space artifacts.
Space Shuttle EnterpriseA view of the Space Shuttle Enterprise from the side.
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