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Another viewLet's hope it doesn't go off during this photo...
Wall Drug JackalopeAh, how can you drive west on I-90 through South Dakota without stopping at Wall Drug? Call me crazy, I actually kind of LIKE that place. It's free, as long as you don't spend money there (and you will). We actually ate two different meals there, and bought a few cheap trinkets...
Wall Drug WagonYet another photo spot, in the "New Back Yard". Well, it was, according to the internet, actually 'new' in 1996. And Tim swears he remembers it from when he was a kid, but maybe they just moved stuff from elsewhere out there that he remembers...
T-RexThe "new" T-Rex. This one's actually pretty cool -- he breaths smoke and 'fire' every 15 minutes or so and roars really loudly, always causing nearby kids to cry (not ours though!) Not sure when they put this in, but it has a very "Jurrasic Park"-like theming to it so it might be mid-90's as well.
General LeeFast forward to the very end of our trip -- we made one final attraction stop, and boy were we glad we did. the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo is really cool, in a "collection-gone-mad" kitchy sort of cool. Here's one of the original General Lee cars from the Dukes of Hazard. They say most of the others were wrecked during production...
Fire ChiefTim's family had this EXACT fire truck growing up. This one's in much nicer condition than thiers (still back at Grandma's place...)
John Deere DeerTitle says it all. We've seen a lot of Deere stuff but never anything like this.
Wooden CarNow this thing is just amazing -- a handcrafted WOODEN car, with TWO engines. Just check out the stats on this puppy -- close-up of the plaque is the next photo.
Wooden Car statsStats from the car in the previous pic.
Waterloo BoyWe have shown numerous Waterloo Boy pics in this photo gallery, but this is the first unrestored one that I recall.
Cool Old Tractor
William and Deere 'M'
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