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Grandma and WilliamGrandma and William at the Aquatennial Fireworks. We were just taking some pictures with the free disposable cameras they gave out, and at this point, had no idea that anything was going to happen outside of a great fireworks display.
Cathy, Grandma, and WilliamCathy joins in the pose. I guess she was in labor at this point, but she didn't know it...
Mom's ProfileDad shoots a profile pic of a very pregnant Cathy, with Grandma and William in the foreground. We had no idea exactly how "last minute" this profile picture was, as in an hour or so we'd have the baby delivered.
Happy FamilyOne of the last pictures of "the three of us", before we became "the four of us".
Grandma, Dad, and William at AquatennialAgain, we were just having fun with the 'free' cameras.
Fischer FamilyAnother family pic. Andrew was present, but hiding in mommy's tummy! But not for long...
Last pic before the Fischer Family expandedA stranger took this picture of us with our disposable camera, with the lights of the Hennepin Ave. Bridge in the background. This would be the last picture taken of our "size-3" family.
AmbulanceAnd in between the last pic and this one, the entire story laid out in the introduction to this album occurred. Here, Dad snaps a picture of Mom arriving at Methodist Hospital in an ambulance, holding the new baby.
Going in the HospitalMom and Baby get wheeled into the hospital. Nurses were making comments like "uh-oh, we usually don't like to see the baby come IN with the mother..."
WeighedAndrew gets weighed: 6 pounds, 7 oz.
MeasuredAndrew's head gets measured.
Blood PressureChecking his blood pressure with a tiny foot cuff.
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