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WWII MemorialWe took a lot of pictures here since this memorial was brand new -- it was dedicated only 2 months before our vacation. We both felt this memorial was very well done, and a beautiful place to honor the many who served in this conflict. The memorial incorporates a lot of water and fountains, adding significantly to the beauty.
WWII Memorial from Washington MonumentHere is the WW II memorial as seen from the top of the Washington Monument. It sits at the east side of the monument's reflecting pool, which for some reason was empty while we were visiting.
WWII MemorialFountains at the WW II Memorial...
Lincoln MemorialThe Lincoln Memorial is a must-see to honor the man who kept our country together through the trying times of the Civil War. Here, the two of us pose outside of the huge marble structure.

Lincoln MemorialInside the memorial is this famous statue of Lincoln. We also found the somewhat-famous "typo" on the wall containing his second inaugural address....
Korean War MemorialThe Korean War Memorial is quite unique in that it contains many statues of soldiers in action. We visited this memorial at dusk, which contributed to the surreal nature of the experience.
WWII Memorial at NightHere is a nightime picture of the WWII Memorial. The memorial is equally beautiful day and night.
Not-so-great PictureWe tried to get a picture of us with the Washington Monument in the background, but it didn't turn out well (we put it up here anyway). There are more views of the Washington Monument in our Landmarks gallery.
US Navy MemorialWhile visiting the US Navy Memorial, we were pleasantly surprised to find the Navy Band setting up for a free concert later that evening. We stayed for the concert, which was a great experience. This picture shows the "Lone Sailor" which is a main feature of this memorial plaza.
WWII Memorial at NightThis night shot shows the memorial at night, with the Lincoln Memorial in the background.
Jefferson MemorialThe Jefferson Memorial, aside from being a tribute to a great man, is in one of the most scenic locations of all the memorials. Standing on the steps to the memorial, you can get a great panoramic view (see our Landmarks gallery for an example).
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