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Top rated - Moline / St. Louis / Louisville / Indianapolis 2003
Cathy and DeereCathy poses by a very nicely restored old Deere.55555
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Cathy & Waterloo BoyCathy poses by the other side of the same Waterloo Boy.
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4010 DieselThis 4010 Diesel looks a lot like a toy Tim had as a youngster -- but this one's much bigger!44444
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John Deere World HeadquartersOur final stop in Moline was at the John Deere World Headquarters. There is a large exhibition area at the headquarters, which, like the Pavilion, has a mix of old and new Deere equipment. It was a lot of fun to look at.44444
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Gateway ArchA little hazy the day we took this...44444
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Waterloo Boy & ImplementAnother beautiful Waterloo Boy, this one pulling an implement.33333
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Failed AttemptWe tried another "remote" picture similar to our one at the arch, with the two of us at Union Station, but it didn't turn out very well. Here it is for your enjoyment anyway.
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The Bear NecessityA large bear, which for some reason I felt the need to take a photo of.33333
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The Arch, againOne last picture of our friend, the Arch. 22222
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Driftwood at the Falls of the OhioThe flooding had caused lots of driftwood to pile up on the shores, making for an interesting photo opportunity.22222
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Posing near the ArchWe were thrilled the way this picture turned out. Our new digital camera has "remote" feature, and we improvised a "tripod" out of some objects we were carrying.
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BudweiserOne rainy morning in St. Louis, we decided that a free tour of the Budweiser brewery might be the ticket to stay out of the rain. However, once on the tour, we found out that much of it involved walking outside! It wasn't too bad, though, and was interesting, even though the two of us aren't beer drinkers.
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