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Black Hills Petrified Forest1299 viewsOn our last day, after driving through Spearfish Canyon, we made a last-minute decision to visit the Petrified Forest in Piedmont. It was a worthwhile stop, as you don't see this amount of petrified wood everyday!
Minuteman Missile1180 viewsWe made a very brief stop at the South Dakota Air and Space Museum. I say brief because our literature said it closed at 6pm, and when we got there (at about 3:20) we found it closed at 4pm. This museum, which is free, contains a large number of historic aircraft.
Spearfish Canyon Falls463 views
Spearfish Canyon Waterfall417 viewsOne of the three we saw
Cathy and Bailey at the falls409 views
Cathy and Bailey at the falls389 views
Mitchell Corn Palace330 viewsOn the long drive through South Dakota, it's nice to make an occasional stop. One nice place to make such a stop is the Mitchell Corn Palace. Every year the folks in Mitchell spend more than $100,000 to decorate this building with grains, and half-ears of corn. And every year, the designs are a different theme--they have a large gallery of pictures inside showing decades worth of previous designs. And you thought Iowans loved their corn!
Wind Cave300 viewsOne other attraction we went through was Wind Cave. Unfortunately due to the camera we brought into the cave acting up, we weren't able to get any pictures inside the cave. But we did get this one at the natural entrance. The ranger is demonstrating how the cave got its name -- wind sometimes blows out of the cave, and sometimes blows into the cave.
View from Harney Peak245 views
Resting at the Summit237 viewsBailey takes a moment to rest at the summit. He did very well on the climb, although he was a bit pooped-out that evening!
Cathy at Dinosaur Park234 viewsRapid City has a park built by the WPA during the Great Depression called Dinosaur Park. This park is up on a high hill overlooking the city, and contains a number of concrete dinosaurs. As it is a free attraction, and everything else seemed to close at 5:00 anyway, we decided to make a stop.
Cathy at the Summit233 viewsCathy stands in the lookout tower on Harney Peak. The view, particularly of the adjacent Needles formations, made it well worth the six-mile climb.
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