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CDC 3800 data1062 viewsClick on the image to read about the CDC 3800. Note that it featured 128K of ram, and cost $1.9 million!
Waterloo Boy698 viewsHere Cathy poses with a John Deere Waterloo Boy in the Museum of American History. If you've browsed elsewhere in this site, you know we're John Deere fans. You can also find other Deere pictures from previous vacations to Moline and Charles City.
DC from Arlington617 viewsFrom Arlington Cemetery, you can get a great view of DC proper, although the day we were there was quite hazy.
Reflecting Pool?615 viewsThis view looks toward the new WW II memorial and the Lincoln Memorial. For whatever reason, the reflecting pool was drained while we were there (like everything else while we were there, it was probably under construction. We have more memorial pictures in a separate gallery.
Jefferson Memorial615 viewsThe Jefferson Memorial, aside from being a tribute to a great man, is in one of the most scenic locations of all the memorials. Standing on the steps to the memorial, you can get a great panoramic view (see our Landmarks gallery for an example).
Lincoln Memorial611 viewsInside the memorial is this famous statue of Lincoln. We also found the somewhat-famous "typo" on the wall containing his second inaugural address....
Concorde and FedEx Plane458 viewsOn display at the Udvar-Hazy center are many planes that are much too big to be displayed at the original Air and Space Museum on the National Mall, including this Air France Concorde. Also seen here is the first plane owned by Federal Express for delivering overnight packages.
Not-so-great Picture413 viewsWe tried to get a picture of us with the Washington Monument in the background, but it didn't turn out well (we put it up here anyway). There are more views of the Washington Monument in our Landmarks gallery.
Original Apple Computer373 viewsAlso from this exhibit is this original "Apple I" computer, complete with homemade wooden case.
Monkeys330 viewsCathy finds a friend...
Tigers309 views...and tigers
Unknown Creature308 viewsCathy photographs a strange looking creature that I unfortunately forget the name of.
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