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Sears Tower2096 viewsAnother night shot from the Sears Tower
The Mestads and the Frohlings2036 views
Mr. Roger's Puppets2023 viewsThese are some of the puppets that were actually used during the run of Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
Temple Pose2006 viewsWe pose on the steps of one of the main temples excavated at the site.
General Lee1964 viewsFast forward to the very end of our trip -- we made one final attraction stop, and boy were we glad we did. the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo is really cool, in a "collection-gone-mad" kitchy sort of cool. Here's one of the original General Lee cars from the Dukes of Hazard. They say most of the others were wrecked during production...
Waterloo Boy & Implement1558 viewsAnother beautiful Waterloo Boy, this one pulling an implement.
John Deere World Headquarters1503 viewsOur final stop in Moline was at the John Deere World Headquarters. There is a large exhibition area at the headquarters, which, like the Pavilion, has a mix of old and new Deere equipment. It was a lot of fun to look at.
Tim with 840 Scraper1496 viewsClose-up of the 840 scraper with Tim
Minuteman Missile1472 viewsI didn't take a lot of pictures here, unfortunately. I'm not sure why, it was really interesting. This picture shows grandma walking into the underground control bunker. That huge door with the "domino's" logo on it was the blast door to protect them in case "the button" was pressed from the other side.
World's Largest Crayon1393 viewsThis is evidently the World's Largest Crayon. And unlike other "world's largest" things (the Louisville Slugger's Bat comes to mind) that aren't a real product but just look like one, this one's really a wax crayon. Evidently they had kids send in their stubby blue crayons and then melted them in to this bohemouth.
Black Hills Petrified Forest1356 viewsOn our last day, after driving through Spearfish Canyon, we made a last-minute decision to visit the Petrified Forest in Piedmont. It was a worthwhile stop, as you don't see this amount of petrified wood everyday!
Go Karts1347 viewsPigeon Forge and Gatlinburg is a huge tourist trap, with something like a million different go-cart tracks. Here Tim tries out one of them.
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