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Waterloo Boy & Implement1500 viewsAnother beautiful Waterloo Boy, this one pulling an implement.
John Deere World Headquarters1444 viewsOur final stop in Moline was at the John Deere World Headquarters. There is a large exhibition area at the headquarters, which, like the Pavilion, has a mix of old and new Deere equipment. It was a lot of fun to look at.
Cathy & Waterloo Boy1228 viewsCathy poses by the other side of the same Waterloo Boy.
John Deere Collectors Center1178 viewsMore beautifully restored tractors at the Collectors Center. There were also some old John Deere signs on the walls as you can see in this picture.
Inside the Deere Collectors Center1175 viewsInside the collectors center. We spent quite a bit of time here. Each tractor is on loan from the owner, and they get new exhibits rotating through periodically.
Budweiser966 viewsOne rainy morning in St. Louis, we decided that a free tour of the Budweiser brewery might be the ticket to stay out of the rain. However, once on the tour, we found out that much of it involved walking outside! It wasn't too bad, though, and was interesting, even though the two of us aren't beer drinkers.
Indy 500 Museum723 viewsInside the museum itself was car after car of winners of many of the 500 races. I'm not sure how they have collected all these -- some were replicas but most were the actual vehicles. In this picture, Tim sits in a replica which you were actually allowed to enter.
John Deere Collectors Center665 viewsAfter a stop by the John Deere Store where we picked up a few collectables, our next stop was the John Deere Collectors Center. This building is set up to look like a 1950's John Deere dealership. Inside were many unique restored tractors and implements.
Cathy and Deere638 viewsCathy poses by a very nicely restored old Deere.
John Deere Pavilion631 viewsThe first stop in Moline was the John Deere Pavilion, a large glass building with lots of Deere equipment, both restored and brand new, inside, as well as some larger items outside.
4010 Diesel600 viewsThis 4010 Diesel looks a lot like a toy Tim had as a youngster -- but this one's much bigger!
Turn One582 viewsThis is "turn one" of the Indy 500 racetrack. If you follow the track back you'll see the scoring pylon.
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