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Air Force Academy Chapel:473 viewsAnother view
Cathy poses at Royal Gorge385 viewsI think this was after Tim's fall -- he wasn't feeling like posing, in any case.
Air Force Academy Chapel:326 viewsWe were pretty happy how this picture turned out. The original (of which this is a scan) turned out beautifully, and we had it framed and is still hanging up in our house.
Air Force Academy Chapel:276 viewsA very cool building. I wonder if they'd allow it to be built today?
Air Force Academy Chapel:275 views
Royal Gorge Bridge267 viewsIt's the "Royal Gourge" bridge (see note above for misspelling info). We were too cheap to pay the $20 or so each to go inside the park, so we stood outside and shot a few pictures.
Garden of the Gods194 views
Posing with a view187 viewsThis kind of looks like one of those "fake background" studio pictures, but it isn't.
Garden of the Gods175 views
Royal Gorge Bridge158 viewsAfter taking one of these pictures, Tim took a terrible fall, which skinned up his hands and knee badly, and sent our digital camera flying. The camera survived (although with a big crunch in one corner), and Tim eventually survived, too. Fortunately it was one of the last days of our trip, as he was sore for some time afterward. Guess it doesn't pay to be cheap.
Cathy with Cog-wheel train track157 viewsThey have a cog-wheel train you can take up the mountain. Instead, we took our 1994 Saturn. It was generally a good car, but started to overheat driving up, and the brakes overheated on the way down. Fortunately neither problem caused us any trouble.
View from Pike's Peak149 viewsWe took the obligatory drive up Pike's Peak. The scenery was beautiful.
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