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Moo Cow Bed II435 viewsAnother picture of Moo Cow in her "Moo Cow Bed" in December 2003
Kitty in the Kitchen420 viewsNot sure this would meet Health Code... This picture is taken in the kitchen of our old home.
Moo Cow Phone Home394 viewsThis is an old picture of Moo Cow, probably from the first year Tim had her in 1995, when he lived in an apartment with her. Here she hides among some stuffed animals underneath the aquarium. Anyone remember that scene from E.T.?
Moo Cow393 viewsHanging out on a different love seat in July 2002
Moo and Bailey360 viewsFor a long time, Moo was very suspicious of Bailey, our Golden Retriever. She'd rather keep to herself (other than being with us). But she did manage to share the loveseat with Bailey in the two pictures above, taken in our old home. As time went on, they started tolerating each other better.
Christmas Card342 viewsTim used this picture of her on a Christmas letter a back in the late 90's
Cow Bed284 viewsMoo Cow in her "Moo Cow Bed" in December 2003
Love Seat226 viewsHere is a picture of Moo, hanging out on one of her favorite spots at our old home, the loveseat.
Posing223 viewsA great pose, circa 2000.
Moo Cow221 viewsHanging out on a different love seat in July 2002
Lick!218 viewsSome people blink when their picture is taken-- instead MooCow sticks her tongue out!
Love Seat215 viewsStill hanging out on the love seat, taken in February 2002
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