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Smile?Not quite a smile, but at a week old, what can one expect? I think he's happy though.Sep 06, 2007
Bailey and AndrewI think they're going to be friends for a long time.Sep 06, 2007
Soft PuppyAndrew seems to like the Bailey Pillow.Sep 06, 2007
Bailey and AndrewAndrew snoozes on Bailey's soft fur.Sep 06, 2007
Andrew and BaileyBailey doesn't mind being a pillow -- for awhile anyway.Sep 06, 2007
Total Puppy DiplomaOn May 21, 2002, Bailey earned his second diploma by completing Total Puppy. You can also see some pictures of this event in the Puppy album.Jul 29, 2006
Puppy Kindergarten DiplomaClose-up of the Puppy Kindergarten diploma.Jul 29, 2006
Puppy Kindergarten GraduationOn March 30, 2002, Bailey received his first diploma by graduating from Puppy Kindergarten. Above proud parents Tim & Cathy show off the diploma (although Bailey seems more interested in looking for a treat).Jul 29, 2006
The end of a glorious lifeMooCow was a wonderful pet. We'll never have another kitty like her-- which is why we don't plan on having another kitty for some time.Jun 10, 2006
Family timeWilliam gets a milk and some cuddle time, and Moo comes to join. Moo would often jump up on Cathy's lap when she was reading a story to William.Jun 10, 2006
Hangin' out on the bed againJun 10, 2006
MooCowIn her final weeksJun 10, 2006
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