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Birthdays 2001Tim, Tim's Mom, and Cathy's sister Jen all have birthdays within 10 days of each other. This picture is from the 2001 celebration.
Cathy's FamilyThis is a picture of Cathy's family, taken in the early 90's. Shown here are Cathy, her sister Jen, her mom Patricia (who passed away in 1994), and her dad Vernon.
Graduation DayHere is a picture of Cathy with her Mom and Dad, taken at her High School Graduation.
College GraduationCathy with sister Jen and her Dad on the occasion of her college graduation in 1997.
Cathy's FamiliyHere's another, older, picture of Cathy's family, taken several years before the previous one.
Cathy & JenCathy with her sister Jen.
Grandpa and Aunt JenGrandpa and Aunt Jen hang out in the dining room, where it's less chaotic.
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