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Tributes to Pets at the Rainbow Bridge
Here you will find a tribute to our beloved kitty MooCow who has recently passed on.  Soon this will be expanded into a full-fledged tribute, and be joined by our Tribute to Sampson, which is currently still in our old photo gallery format.  Click this link to visit Sampson's tribute.
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BaileyBailey was our beautiful Golden Retriever. He was a wonderful (and big!) dog and we loved him very much. He passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly on August 12, 2009.
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Moo CowMooCow was our Holstein-colored kitty. She came to live with Tim when he was in grad school, and has been part of our home for a long time. She unfortunately passed away on Tuesday March 28, 2006. She is missed.
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Random files - Tributes
Moo and BaileyFor a long time, Moo was very suspicious of Bailey, our Golden Retriever. She'd rather keep to herself (other than being with us). But she did manage to share the loveseat with Bailey in the two pictures above, taken in our old home. As time went on, they started tolerating each other better.
Santa BaileySanta Bailey, taken in 2003