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Washington DC 2004
In July 2004, we vacationed in our nation's capital for a little over a week. (Cathy was seven months pregnant with William during this trip, so is showing in the pictures of her!)
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Memorials and monuments in DC

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There's no shortage of Museums in DC -- most of them free...

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National Zoo


Lions and Tigers and Bears (and more)... oh my!

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Washington, of course, has many world-famous landmarks.

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Random files - Washington DC 2004
Mount Vernon from the PotomacWe spent most of a day taking a relaxing cruise down the Potomac River to Mount Vernon. This picture shows the Mount Vernon mansion from the river.
Not-so-great PictureWe tried to get a picture of us with the Washington Monument in the background, but it didn't turn out well (we put it up here anyway). There are more views of the Washington Monument in our Landmarks gallery.
US Botanical Center ConservatoryThis picture is actually not from the zoo, but at the US Botanical Center Conservatory near the Capitol building. But, it seemed to fit in well with all the animal pictures. We only had about 45 minutes at the center, but it was a beautiful place and featured many lovely plants.
PandasOne of the star attractions at the National Zoo is the two giant panda bears, Mei Xiang and Tian Tian. For whatever reason they were kept indoors the day were were there, rather than in their larger outdoor area. But we caught this one in a cute pose...