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Washington DC 2004
In July 2004, we vacationed in our nation's capital for a little over a week. (Cathy was seven months pregnant with William during this trip, so is showing in the pictures of her!)
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Memorials and monuments in DC

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There's no shortage of Museums in DC -- most of them free...

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National Zoo


Lions and Tigers and Bears (and more)... oh my!

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Washington, of course, has many world-famous landmarks.

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Random files - Washington DC 2004
Jefferson MemorialThe Jefferson Memorial, aside from being a tribute to a great man, is in one of the most scenic locations of all the memorials. Standing on the steps to the memorial, you can get a great panoramic view (see our Landmarks gallery for an example).
WWII MemorialWe took a lot of pictures here since this memorial was brand new -- it was dedicated only 2 months before our vacation. We both felt this memorial was very well done, and a beautiful place to honor the many who served in this conflict. The memorial incorporates a lot of water and fountains, adding significantly to the beauty.
CDC 3800 dataClick on the image to read about the CDC 3800. Note that it featured 128K of ram, and cost $1.9 million!
Lincoln Art at Ford's TheaterIn the basement of the theater is a Lincoln museum, where this exhibit of Lincoln images was featured.