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It seems we're always working on a project around the house.  For some of the bigger one's, we've created some "photo timelines" or mini-blogs of the project as it progresses.  It's fun for us to look back after the project is complete and see how it came together. 

Browse through the albums below to check out some of these projects or click here for a large list of projects we've done, and some we still have planned.


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New Patio Door (2009)


Installing a new patio door.

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Kid's Garage and Workshop (2008)


A small project to make a place to park the kid's Power Wheel's jeep outside becomes a larger one to create a true kid's "garage and workshop"!

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William's Playground (2006)


In early August 2006, we built a playground for William. As usual, we took some pictures along the way.

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Building Our Deck (2005)


In 2005 we demolished our old deck and replaced it with a new, larger one. Follow along with our "deck blog" written at the time and see how it was done!

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New Railings (2004)


In February-March 2004 we replacing our wrought-iron stair railings, which were pretty dated looking, with new oak railings.

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Building Our Shed (2003)


In July-August 2003, we added a storage shed to our back yard in order to free up some space in the garage and park the John Deere lawn tractor in.

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Random files - Projects
Shed Rear FramingHere's a view from the rear of the shed. The trusses made roof construction simple -- just place them and nail them up (bracing them temporarily with some scrap wood). At this stage the gables still need to be framed out a bit wider so there will be a slight overhang on the gable ends.
Siding and painting trimWe moved the garage near it's final location so we could put the siding on it. It was still very heavy even though it lacked a roof and siding... Here Cathy works on painting the door trim.
Building MaterialsHowever, the following weekend was our "framing blitz". We prepared for it Thursday by picking up a ton of building materials at Menards. Here is a photo of many of the building supplies sitting in our garage Thursday night. Sorry for the poor quality -- the digital camera we had at this time took lousy flash photos.
All doors openThe garage door rolls up just like a real door. The Power Wheels jeep fits inside with plenty of play-room, and he can always back it out for more space, just like daddy does with the real garage!