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Our Vacations
Please enjoy some pictures from some trips we've taken over the past few years:
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Day Trips and Misc.Day trips, weekend trips, and things that are a little too short to really be considered "a vacation".
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Pennsylvania 2009Our 2009 trek all around the state of Pennsylvania!
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South Dakota 2008The Fischers return to South Dakota and the Black Hills, this time with two kids and Grandma in tow.
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Carribbean Cruise 2007In March 2007, we sail on the Carnival Victory to Mexico, Grand Caymen, and Jamica -- with Grandma as company!
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Chicago 2006Our August 2006 vacation to Chicago, accompanied by Tim's mom.
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Tennessee 2005Our July 2005 vacation to Tennessee and the Great Smokey Mountains.
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Washington DC 2004In July 2004, we vacationed in our nation's capital for a little over a week. (Cathy was seven months pregnant with William during this trip, so is showing in the pictures of her!)
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Moline / St. Louis / Louisville / Indianapolis 2003In September, 2003, Cathy and I took a trip to St. Louis and a few other cities.
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Colorado 2000In September, 2000, we took a trip to Colorado.
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Black Hills 2002In September 2002, we took a much-needed vacation to South Dakota, accompanied by Bailey, our Golden Retriever.
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Random files - Our Vacations
Museum of Westward ExpansionUnderneath the arch, under the grass, is a large museum called the Museum of Westward Expansion. It chronicled the reason for the arch's existence -- the commemoration of the Lewis and Clark expedition and the settling of the West, in which St. Louis played a key role. There was also a small model of the arch, which a friendly employee offered to snap our picture near.
Cathy & the Kids
Chinese SubwayWe spent part of an evening in Chinatown, and had some decent Chinese food. We did not eat at this "Chinese" Subway, however!
Guard DogBailey "stands guard" while the rest of us went over to the other campsite for a short time. He was patient at first, but eventually let us know he'd rather be part of the fun!