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In July 2002, we purchased a new home.  The decision to change houses came relatively quickly -- we had actively pursued a major addition to our previous home for most of a year.  However, in the end, we decided moving made more sense, and we found this home quickly and liked it.

We really liked the lot the home was on, and the layout and features of the house itself.  All the major elements were in good shape.  But you might say that we liked the "potential" of the yard and home better than the actual condition.  When we took over the house, much of the foliage in the yard was overgrown, and much of the interior decorating of the house, to put it politely, didn't match our tastes.  We have been working on many repairs and improvements, inside and out, ever since we took over the house, and have been documenting some of the changes we've made in the past few years, and most certainly will continue to make in the coming years. 

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Small side rail completedThe completed small railing, sans finishing. To get to this point, we cut each baluster to the proper length, glued it into position, and tacked it into place with a pneumatic brad nailer. Then, small "fillet" strips are cut to length and fit in the upper and lower rails, giving it a finished look. Rail spacing is carefully governed by code: a 4" sphere must not pass between any point on the finished railing. This required a bit of math and careful calculations, since the spindles are tapered.
Checking for level stairwayTim checks to make sure the stringers are in their desired final position.
Angled BallustersHere Tim installs some of the balusters on the angled railing. Each baluster needed to be carefully miter-cut to the proper angle. As with the railings above, careful math and codes dictated the spacing between baluster spindles.
Roof framingHere you can see the roof framing in progress. We used 2x4's for the roof, to give it more strength.