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MiscellaneousA potpourri of pictures that don't quite fit in any other category.
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LibraryAt one time this was the art room, then it became the 'elementary library' when the elementary came over in 1983, the function it evidently still has today. Some of the bookshelves were salvaged from the Meservey building when it closed.
Side ViewHere's a view from the other side. The room sticking out in the foreground was the science room pictured above. The door sticking out to the left is shown in more detail below.
CollapseAnother view of the collapse viewed through the arches of the 10th Avenue Bridge, and taken from Bridge #9.
Finished product: Shower areaHere's a view of the shower. We put in some sleek new shower doors. You can also see the large grab-bar at the rear, as well as the corner shelves in place.