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MiscellaneousA potpourri of pictures that don't quite fit in any other category.
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During: New tub surroundHere's the rear of the tub area. As you can see, we removed the old tile from the entire bathroom, and were able to avoid putting in new sheetrock outside of the tile area (once we cleaned up a bit better after this picture).
Science RoomAt one time this was the Choir room, but in 1983, it was converted to the science room. It hasn't changed a whole lot since Tim remembers it in 1988-- those black tables are ancient, seeming old when he was using them...
Broken PoleThis pole was one of the luckier ones -- only the top portion broke off. I overheard a lineman say that the pole itself didn't need replacing.
Cathy & William with Peanuts GangCathy and William pose with the Peanuts Gang after their final show at Camp Snoopy