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MiscellaneousA potpourri of pictures that don't quite fit in any other category.
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LibraryAt one time this was the art room, then it became the 'elementary library' when the elementary came over in 1983, the function it evidently still has today. Some of the bookshelves were salvaged from the Meservey building when it closed.
"Before" picture: Tub areaHere's the original tub area. No shower, and lots more pink!
St. Anthony FallsSt. Anthony Falls is the only natural falls on the Mississippi River. Located near downtown Minneapolis, this falls was what helped Minneapolis become an industrial center
Shop Room tool areaSince the high school left 20 years ago, the shop room was largely converted into a high-tech distance learning facility (which for some reason I didn't take a picture of). But parts of the 'old' shop room still exist, like this tool storage area, which, although much messier than our old shop instructor Mr. Wiebenga would have kept it, is about the same as I remember it.