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MooCow was our Holstein-colored kitty.  She came to live with Tim when he was in grad school,  and shares our home with us for many years.  We would often get asked about her name and how unusual it is.  Well, there's two responses to that:  1) We didn't come up with it, her previous owner did, and 2) If you saw her you'd understand!  Moo looks like a miniature Holstein cow, with a perfect cow pattern.  

In early March 2006, MooCow was diagnosed to be in the late stages of Chronic Renal (kidney) Failure, an incurable disease. After a few weeks of performing various daily treatments to keep her as healthy as possible, her life ended on March 23. She is missed.

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Some pictures of Moo Cow in her prime

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Moo's Final Year


Pictures from Moo's final year

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Random files - Moo Cow
After treatmentIn what was to be her final month, Moo had to undergo a regimen of scary treatments -- several pills a day, and worse, subcataneous fluids, which was essentially an IV poked into her back and a bubble a fluids placed under her skin. As usual, she took it like a trooper. This picture shows her up on the kitchen table immediately following such a treatment.
MooCowIn her final weeks
Looking old, but still beautiful
Hangin' out on the bed again