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Bailey, the Golden Retriever

Bailey was the Golden Retriever puppy who joined our family on January 28, 2002.  He came to us as just a cute little guy, but grew up fast. Even though the "little" part was temporary the "cute" will lasted his lifetime-- he was really a beautiful dog.


Bailey was born in Darwin, Minnesota, home of the World's  Largest Ball of Baling Twine (by one man).  His name commemerated this fact (Baling -> Bailey).  The Twine Ball pictures show him posing with his namesake.


On August 12, 2009, Bailey suddenly and very unexpectedly passed away. Just hours before his death, after he suddenly got very sick, we were given the diagnosis that his heart was bleading into the pericardial sac, which was robbing his body of blood cells while at the same time slowly choking his heart.  There was nothing the vets could do.  At the time of this writing (September 2009) we're still very much in shock from this loss, and our boys in particular really miss him.


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Bailey With Andrew


A week-old Andrew hangs out with Bailey.

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Some adult pictures of Bailey

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Twine Ball


Bailey poses with the Giant Ball of Twine he's named after

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Camping at Star Lake


In 2002, we camped at Star Lake Camp with our then under-6-month-old puppy Bailey. He did wonderful, even though he's used to being an indoor dog. He really got a lot of attention from everyone in the group, and behaved very well for a not-quite-6-month-old pup.

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Puppy Diplomas


Diplomas from Bailey's puppy training classes

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