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Pictures of Tim, Cathy, William, Andrew, and our Golden Retriever Bailey!
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Our KidsWilliam and Andrew, our two great sons. Each boy has his own set of albums, and we'll place "combined" subjects here at this level.
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WilliamOur wonderful oldest son, whom we love to photograph!
22 422
AndrewOur wonderful youngest son, whom we love to photograph!
12 250
Tim & CathyPhotos of Tim & Cathy. We don't have too many recent ones in this section, but you'll find some in the Vacations category.
2 24
Extended FamilyOur extended families have played an important role in our lives.
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Random files - Our Family
Blowing them out...
Loving the waterWilliam loves water. We really need to get him a little wading pool. On this particular day, a black plastic tub made do in a pinch.
Almost Cake Time = Happy Boy!